EUINCOOP - Project Structure

EUINCOOP targets an ambitious objective of developing closer cooperation between European and Indian Computing system related projects and organizations by involving partners from both regions who have experience in developing such networks. The project has put together well structured working methods and networking channels needing minimum resources and budget to achieve such an objective.

The consortium is well balanced between both regions consisting of 3 partners from each region, who are involved in similar projects and have established networks in the regions.

The project structure is organized into 5 work packages to realize the set objectives. The work packages are:

Work Packages Description
WP1: Project Management Ensures the required level of project management quality.
WP2: Regional Scenario Analysis Establish a clear picture on the computing system research scenario that exists in both the regions by forming an expert committee and further chart a roadmap for future synergies and concrete actions for EU-India collaboration in the computing spectrum.
WP3: Key Regional Actors mapping Identifying key Indian and European organizations in computing system and further prepare a catalogue that lists all the Indian and European key researchers and their competencies in the computing system for further collaboration.
WP4: Euro-India Brokerage events Increasing awareness about EU-Indian joint collaboration opportunities in computing spectrum by organizing Brokerage events & info day.
WP5: Dissemination Aims at identifying, detailing and executing the actions to best disseminate the activities and the results of the project though EUINCOOP website and other communication tools such as leaflets, e-newsletters, project logo and posters will be designed

The structure of the project and the work packages dependencies is shown below:

Project Structure