EUINCOOP - Project Objectives

The EUINCOOP project objective is to stimulate cooperation in computing technologies between Europe and India, in order to support Europe's leading position in computing system, while ensuring mutual benefits for both Europe and India.

The project intends to take a 'consensus building approach' by bringing together researchers and stakeholders from both regions under a common forum for discussing and analyzing research agendas in computing systems.

Through the sequence of structured workshops, channels of communication will be established between the provider constituency, and the research community. The proposed work of EU- INCOOP is designed specifically to contribute to the coordination of ICT R&D related to international cooperation in computing systems. Our goals are:

1) The COORDINATION of the Computing Systems community within current projects in Europe and India, by providing:

  • a forum for the exchange of best practices, ideas and issues
  • getting regional information for the collaborative research agenda development
  • access to and visibility of requirements and perspectives
  • opportunities to adjust and adapt to meet the international cooperation

2) The DEVELOPMENT of computing systems roadmap for Europe and India, by providing:

  • a channel for articulating the musts, needs and wants of the community: the positives and negatives - what is required and what is to be avoided, what are the priorities
  • an interpretation or mapping into functional and technical requirements
  • a feedback channel to the stakeholder community, and debating the impacts – benefits and penalties, gains and costs, simplifications and complications