EUINCOOP Advisory Committee

EUINCOOP is a Strategic Project which intends to take a ‘consensus building approach’ by bringing together researchers and stakeholders from both regions under a common forum for discussing and analysing research agendas in computing systems. Through the sequence of structured workshops, channels of communication will be established between the provider constituency, and the research community. In order to

  • Bring together the European and the Indian computing system community
  • Identification of the major challenges faced in the field of computing systems
  • Creation of a research roadmaps in computing systems using the input of the European and Indian policies resources and needs

This will be accomplished by convening a group of elite researchers and industry stakeholders from both regions in a common platform called the "EUINCOOP Advisory Committee".

The "EUINCOOP Advisory Committee" is a platform/Forum created by the EUINCOOP project within the span of the project, which will convene elite researchers and industry stakeholders from both the regions. The advisory Committee will concretize the research priority areas, the gaps and overlaps between the two regions and also will guide the technical, policy and kind of funding mechanisms for future collaborative projects.

"EUINCOOP Advisory Committee" consists of 9 experts, 5 experts from India and 4 from EU. A good blend of academia and industry was maintained while selecting the experts.

Profile of EUINCOOP Advisory Committee

EU Experts

Professor Neeraj SuriProfessor Neeraj Suri- Dependable Embedded Systems & Software Dept. of Computer Science (Informatik) TU Darmstadt Darmstadt, Germany

Professor Neeraj Suri has interacted with Indian universities and R&D institutions for the last two decades. He has held multiple seminars at IIT-Delhi, Mumbai, Kharagpur and government/industry & research centers for advocating joint EC-Asia Embedded Unit activities. He has wide range of contact with Indian academia (IIT-Delhi, Mumbai, and Kharagpur), IIIT-Delhi and industry (GM, Yahoo Labs, Motorola, TCS, Robert Bosch etc) and is currently guiding 4 Indian PhD students. He is involved in several EU FP7 funded projects in computing systems such as (NextTTADECOSReSISTDBench). By virtue of executing industry sponsored projects, Prof Suri has established longstanding relationships with US and European companies such as Volvo, SAAB, Microsoft, Intel, US Defense and NASA. Prof Suri has several publications and award to his credit. Prof Suri wide experience and contribution in the field will greatly benefit EUINCOOP project to lay out a well defined vision and road map between EU and India. More Info - /suri/


Professor Luciano BaresiProfessor Luciano Baresi- Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Prof Luciano is an associate professor in the Department of Electronics and Information at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He was a visiting researcher at University of Oregon at Eugene (USA) and University of Paderborn (Germany).  In addition, Luciano is a member of the editorial board of Service Oriented Computing and Applications (published by Springer). He was program co-chair of ICECCS, STEP, and ICWE ICSOC.  Luciano has authored some 100 papers in international journals and conferences on Various Aspects of software engineering. Present his Research interests are in dynamic software systems, service-oriented applications, and software architectures. Luciano has a PhD in computer science from Polytechnic of Milan. He is the Chair and member of the IFIP working group on service oriented architectures. He is currently the Program Chair for the SEAMS 2012, symposium and the ICSE 2012 conference in software engineering. More Info:

Dr. ING Stefan WesnerDr. ING Stefan Wesner- High Performance Computing Center (HLRS), Stuttgart- Germany

Dr Stefan wesner is currently the managing director of High performance computing center, Stuttgart- Germany; he is also the Head of the Department of Applications and visualizations. In addition to performing these roles, Dr Wesner is the principal investigator of the HLRS centre which is a part of the Partnership for Advanced computing in Europe (PRACE). He is the Pi for many large scales distributed computing and Grid projects such as the BRIEn, BEinGRID, IRMOS and CHALLENGERS, TiMACS, and national projects IMEMO. His research interests include grid computing and cloud computing. His experience in establishing centre and realizing the dreams of the PRACE technology platforms is highly valuable for a project like EUINCOOP to further its objective of defining EU-India research roadmap. More Info:

Professor Terrence Fernando Professor Terrence Fernando -University of Salford, UK

Professor Terrence Fernando (University of Salford) is the Technical Manager of the CoSpaces project and the leader of Cluster 3 (Collaborative Workspace Applications). He is the Director of the Future Workspaces Research Centre at the University of Salford and the Director of the North West Research Centre for Advanced Virtual Prototyping. He has a broad background in conducting multi-disciplinary research programmes in areas such as distributed virtual engineering, virtual building construction, driving simulations, virtual prototyping, urban simulation, and maintenance simulation. He has successfully completed several national and European projects and currently coordinating the Future Workspaces roadmap project. As a part of this roadmap project, Prof. Fernando has brought together over 100 companies and research centers, from areas such as aerospace, automotive, building construction, multi-modal interfaces, system architecture, networking, human factors etc, to define a 10 year European vision for future collaborative engineering workspaces. His multi-disciplinary background, experience in technical management, strong links with industrial partners and the leadership in developing the Future Workspaces roadmap will be invaluable in providing a strong technical leadership within the EUINCOOP project. He is also playing a key role in the MOSAIC SSA and the INTUITION NoE to develop future research agenda for collaborative work environments. More Info:


Indian Experts

Dr G V Ramaraju Dr G V Ramaraju - Head Nano division, Ministry of Information Technology- Delhi- India

Dr Ramaraju is the current head of the Nano Technology division at the Department of information technology. He has administered several projects in computing systems and Information technology with leading institutions. He is currently the program committee member of the US - India Network enabled research collaboration. He is the additional charge of the IT Research Academy Division. He has over 20 years of experience in policy formulation and research project administration. His experience and strong connections within the department and with leading institutions of India brings in invaluable benefits to the project EUINCOOP.

Shri Raj SinghShri Raj Singh- IC Design Group Center for Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani Rajasthan, India

Shri Raj Singh has over 24 years of experience as a Chief Scientist at the Center for Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI- Pilani) Rajasthan. He is also the nodal officer for Information Technology infrastructure, networking and cyber security. he is currently involved in structuring curricula in computer architectures and embedded systems. He has coordinated several of the Department of Electronics and Department of Information technology sponsored projects on reconfigurable micro systems and multi material desktop computing capabilities. Amongst other roles he is also the adjunct faculty at the Birla Institute of Technological Sciences, Pilani. His rich experience and contribution to the IT sector will provide the project EUINCOOP with a strategic vision in identifying topics for EU- India Collaboration and providing guidance to the project.

Professor Sanjeev AgarwalProfessor Sanjeev Agarwal - Department of Computer Science Engineering, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur India

Professor Agarwal has over 25 years of rich experience in teaching, research and coordinating industry oriented projects. His research interests mainly include Grid computing, multi core architectures, high performance computing, programming and scheduling Grid/Cloud technologies. His interaction and implementation of projects with major IT industry giants like Intel, Sun micro systems, British Telecom, Wipro and the Government gives a rare advantage of  bringing in Industry, academia and government perspectives and priorities in computing systems. He has several publications related to his research interests to his credit. He is one of the architects of implementing the Special Manpower Development programme in VLSI. He is member of various committees in computing systems including the HiPC, Distributed and parallel computing, Computer Society of India and IEEE and its computer society. More info:

Professor R GovindrajanProfessor R Govindrajan- Chairman Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, IISc- Bangalore, India

Professor Govindrajan is the current Chairman of the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science. He is widely experienced academician and a known name in computing systems research; his current research interests include High Performance computing using general-purpose architecture, Compiler analysis and Compiler Transformation and Process architecture. He has executed several governments and private funded projects and was instrumental in building connections with the Industry and Government. He has over 100 publications to his credit and several years of teaching experience in high performance computing, modeling and simulation and computer architectures.   More Info-

Mr. Manav SubodhMr. Manav Subodh- Acting Global Manager- Technology Entrepreneurship & Head, South and West India, Corporate Affairs - Intel India

Manav joined Intel in January 2005 and today works as a Global Manager -Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Higher Ed at the Corporate Affairs Group. He works with universities, schools, governments, foundations and multilaterals to drive Intel's Global Technology entrepreneurship programs in 15 countries; create partnership models with local government, US universities, NGO's and multilateral agencies.
Before moving to the current global role, Manav was working as Head Corporate Affairs for South and West India in which he was responsible for managing government relations and driving strategic programs with the governments on Broadband, Education and Green IT. He has lead several public private partnerships (PPP) for Intel programs. Manav has over 12 years of experience in the IT, Software and Telecom sector. Prior to joining Intel Manav worked as a National marketing manager at Hughes and before that as a Business Manager at QAI. He is an engineer in electronics telecommunication and has done his master’s in business management. More Info -